The Economic Development Board (EDB), the apex agency for economic planning, investment, trade promotion and investor facilitation operating under the aegis of the Prime Minister’s Office is currently developing an online platform for the establishment of a central database of industrial properties.

The aim of this online platform is to provide investors, both local and foreign, with information on the availability of industrial premises including buildings and lands for conducting authorized manufacturing activities in line with Government Vision to position the manufacturing sector as an important engine of growth and job creation.

The EDB is inviting eligible applicants to register details of their industrial properties that are suitable for lease or sales to potential investors looking for industrial premises for the development of their projects.

For more information please contact:

Economic Development Board Mauritius
10th Floor, One Cathedral Square
16, Jules Koenig Street, Port-Louis
Tel : (+230) 203 3800


Information registered will be treated as strictly private, confidential and personal to its recipients and should not be copied, distributed or reproduced in whole or in part, nor passed to any third party.